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The Sex With Erotic Ejaculation Guide (pdf) by A. J. Smith

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The guide includes a short definition and explanation for each of the terms and then goes on to give descriptions of all the various types of EGE, and what they do and why it is done. The EGE Guide is a guide to a specific type of erotica that you will find online. If you're looking for detailed explanations, this is not for you. You'll find a much more detailed explanation here for all of the EGE categories that you can find on this website. It's a much more thorough guide than this, but it's not so much detailed as it is detailed. Some of the topics include: Erogenous, Erogyny, Nude Erotica, Pimping, Peeing, Hairy Women, and more. You can find more information about each of the EGE Categories here. You can also get information about these EGE Categories in a very concise, easy-to-read way here. If you'd like piss mop to see a more in-depth breakdown of each of these categories, click here. 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