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"If you're like me, you've probably been thinking, 'It can't possibly be real, how could he do that?' You're not the only one with this fear. A lot of people have their own personal reasons for thinking that they're seeing their favorite porn stars do this." -Sarah, "Myths about Pissing in Panties"

"We had a couple of porn stars, and one of them made a comment about squirting. I thought that was pretty funny, and then when I got over the shock, I thought, 'I can do this with this. I'm a girl with squirting problems!'" -Anonymous, "Squirting in Panties"

"My mother and father are really old school. I think I may be the only person who has actually seen it happen in person. It's kind of hard to describe to you what I mean, but it's like, it's as if you're in a swimming pool and a small fish is trying to get to your face. It just keeps going, and it's not like a splash. It's like like, I don't know, it's a slow, deliberate, deep-seated, wet squirting sound. It's not like any other kind of squirting sounds you've ever heard." -Anonymous, "Myths about Squirting"

"I have never been able to get over the fact blowjob mouthpiece that some porn stars use squirting for their role-play. When I see them, they squirt like they have a disease. I have no clue nylon foot trample what to do to make sure they squirt properly, so I just sit and wait for them to do something. They usually don't do anything, though, and just let me watch them. So it's very, very sad." -Anonymous, "Myths about Squirting"

"I'm a porn actor, and one of my favorite sex scenes in the whole wide world is one I did. One of my friends is the best in the business , and she was shooting with another friend. After an intense sex session, the two girls start squirting like crazy. My friend calls me over and asks if I saw what was going on. She said it was just like a lotion and had no odor. She said that they horny party did the scene piss pov again the next day, and they still squirted." -Anonymous, "Myths about Squirting"

"We both have an ex who was married with a wife and kids, and he is very jealous that my wife does the nude scenes in magazines. He also wants to be able to use my wife's nude scenes to advertise his business (he does this all the time). He says, "I'll just pay for the scenes and you don't have to do the ads"... I'm so happy to hear this, because it means that he's not being blackmailed. He will pay for his videos, and he's the one making the decision to use the images, but I'm not involved with the editorial decisions, and I'll never be asked to do anything. It means that he can just go out and make videos and advertise them, but I will never be told what to write about. He said it took him about an hour to write and edit the videos and photos. I'm not sure he even made a full video (maybe less than half, and most were taken with his girlfriend in the background). When he finally posted them, the pictures were pretty much done. The videos were mostly done, but he did include this special bonus video. I won't say what it was, but I've watched it at least twice, so I think I have a pretty good idea. It's a very long video and he's probably using a DSLR or something like that to get the angle right. I would recommend watching it at least once, and getting the full experience in both videos and photos. I also would recommend getting a good DSLR or some high quality camera. There's also a few good pictures that I've seen on his Facebook page. I didn't have any pictures of his penis, but here's a picture of one I took that he likes to post on his blog.

My favorite thing to see on the internet is porn stars' pictures and videos. They are great for masturbation, and I'm sure they're great for porn. There is not one single female in porn that I wouldn't find attractive, and you can find tons of pictures and videos of them online. What's even better is that most of the pornstars don't do much. They are so sexy that wowanal they can satisfy themselves to perfection. There's also a lot of free sex videos on the internet too. If you're a voyeur or a fan of porn, you probably have seen at least a handful of porn-stars. These girls are all so beautiful and so hot. They have amazing bodies and fantastic personalities. They have no problem doing anything with their pussies. There's no question that these girls are the cutest. They've got pretty faces and beautiful smiles. They're also so talented. They're hot for extreme cum drinking the most part.

For your enjoyment, here's the list of best squirting scenes from adult films. All are amateur, so this list can be very misleading. However, the ones I include are all great squirting scenes dominatrix toilet with the right camera angles and the right girls. These are scenes that were filmed from the perspective of the guys, not the girls. I did my best to include the sex scenes that didn't involve porn stars, but a lot of the scenes have those in them too. Also, if you want to find out what the scene was like with porn stars, go check out the list of best pornstars. For the rest, I'm just going to give you some squirting movies and some links to where you can watch them. These are all from my personal collection. You can find more of my squirting films on my personal website or you can click on the pictures below.