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1. Salma Hayek (Loves to Fuck, Salma Hayek, The French Beauty)

Salma Hayek has been performing since she was a little girl in her family home in France. She has since starred in many films, such as 'A Taste of Honey' 'I Know There's an Ass in There' 'Carmen' 'In Love with a Ghost' 'A Night in Paris' 'Le Petite Tout' 'Le Cinquantenaire' and most recently in 'Le Temptation du Lac'.

Salma is the most popular porn actress from France today, and her popularity is increasing as more people start to watch her porn movies. Salma Hayek has won numerous awards for her films, and in the past few years she has become one of the top actresses in the world. Salma Hayek has performed in over 100 films, and her films are seen by over 80 million people every week in France.

2. Alexis Texas (Alexis Texas, A Million Ways to Die in the West)

Alexis Texas was born on January 24, 1987. Her first name is handjob latex gloves pronounced "A-tay-sa". Her birthdate is December 12, 1987. Her father, David Lee, is a Texas businessman. Alexis Texas got her start in porn in 2002, with the release of her first film, entitled Alexis Texas. This film features her having sex with four men. Alexis was originally going to be a porn star. She was working as a personal assistant. At first, Alexis didn't do much porn. She wasn't an actress at all. But then she started doing webcam shows and it was fun for her to get off. She became a very successful porn star and started doing more and more in the adult industry. She started doing hardcore porn and started doing anal sex videos. She became very popular. She became one of the best porn stars in the world. But that all changed. Alexis has never touched a cock or anal sex. She never had sex. She has never cum from anal sex.

Now I am not saying you should not read this, but if you have the ability to look through the links above, and just read her bio, you can find out why she became a porn star. It was because she was the best at a lot of things. She is a very passionate person, a very funny person, and a very sexy person. But there is one thing she had to do to get to this level. Alexis had to go to college. Her parents made the decision when Alexis was a child that she needed to attend college. They knew she was a talented performer, so they let her do whatever she wanted to do, as long as it would help her graduate. But because she is an adult, she has to go to college. That's why it is so hard for people to get into her world because it's not like you are looking for a hot slut. I am a guy who wants to be in a room full of hot chicks and just blow them off. This site is about getting laid and being fucked by hot women. Alexis loves to have her pussy pounded, and so does she want your dick inside her. I'm going to be honest with you. We are a bit of a new site and we need more help. I can't do anything for you and this is an adult site, so feel free to PM me and I will send you a message. I'm sure the ladies who visit will appreciate the experience and get more into the whole "cunnilingus" thing.

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