Posted on Monday 1st of June 2020 05:14:04 AM

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I am now a part of the riding of Toronto Centre. I am in my first term as the new Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre. As you may know I've been a member of Parliament for eight years now. I've held a number of portfolios including: Environment & Sustainable Development, Health, Public Safety and Justice and Natural Resources, among many others.

During my time in Parliament, I have supported a number of important bills that have helped us build upon the foundation that we have in place today. I've been proud to stand with my fellow Liberals to provide for Canada's children, as well as our veterans. I've seen firsthand the effects of the Conservative government's cuts rimming and fingering and budgeting practices on vulnerable and underserved Canadians. And it's all because of our Conservative government's misguided policies that they were able to dismantle Canada's child care and jerk off then lick it off nutrition programs for seniors.

I am proud to say that I voted against the Conservative budget because I did not want to see a government that is not working to create a more equal Canada. I also voted against the bill that provided for the establishment of the Canadian Human Rights Commission sexy mama pictures as part of the House of Commons. The Harper government luder18 is no longer able to claim to represent Canadians on the world stage.

A lot of my constituents have taken it upon themselves to get involved. They have worked hard to organize themselves and they've put a lot of energy into what is becoming a very real problem for the people of this country. The government's budget, the cuts they are imposing on people's hard-earned dollars, will affect them, their children, their parents and everyone they know. I was happy to vote for the Conservatives in the last election because I feel warehouse gangbang that our country is moving in the right direction.

I am going to tell you why I've voted for Harper. He was the only candidate to not only support the Conservative party, but also his own personal agenda. If you're a Conservative, I hope you are also happy to be an advocate for your own party. If you're not, I hope you feel free to take a look at what I do, but if you are a Conservative, please take this to heart because you are about to get ripped off in the future. If I was a Conservative candidate, I would be making all my money off the federal government. This is a good thing because it gives me more money to give to the Conservatives. I'm not even a member of the Conservative party, I don't even vote, I have no interest in your agenda. I think it's just dumb, I hope it's dumb so I can win, that's the only reason I do this.

I want to be on your good side, but if you are on the wrong side, it's the gang bang club going to be hard to convince you that you're actually on the right side, so we need to find ways to convince the rest of the country that we're all on the same side, and we should have that same kind of conversation every day. You have the same rights as everyone else in this country, you just have the same privileges because you're rich enough to be able to get your way, as long as you don't hurt anyone else. Your life has been ruined, it's over, you have nothing left to live for, you are a piece of shit. If you ever think about what your life could have been, or what you could be, then you must be a fucking idiot, you must not understand the world, because you're a piece of shit, you can never change that. I am not going to vote for you, because I think that is a vote for a certain type of person who has no respect for the people that elected them, and I don't think they deserve to have any kind of voice in politics, at all. You have no idea what it feels like to be in that position of not being able to vote, not knowing if you will ever be able to vote, but you still want to do it. You think that because you can afford to support this election, that you are entitled to get the most important thing you can vote on, you are wrong. I would have a lot of friends that would agree with me, but they wouldn't vote for me because I didn't want to give money to politicians. I know how hard it is for them, they have to make it, I have to do this for them, if they voted for me, I don't know if they would have that same support in my position. Don't get me wrong, I am not voting for Hillary because of her gender. That was never an issue with me. I will be voting for her because of my belief in equality, I believe that if you work for the same thing, you will be treated equally. I am not saying to lesbians scissor with dildo be a bitch and take things from other people. I just think you should be treated the same. Hillary is a mother and a grandmother, she has a great family, you don't know who she is without knowing who they are, and I believe in giving back to my community, and I'm going to do what I can to help them. I'm not trying to attack Bernie. I'm just saying that if Bernie is the next president, we are going to need his help, he's our last hope. If she runs, I will be her friend. I don't think you should take it for granted that she is going to make it. I really think we need to have a little respect for women.