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The Ponygirls'aim is to make the community a little more friendly and inclusive to non-ponygirls, and to make our own videos for everyone's enjoyment. This is a community of porn-babies who enjoy watching porn. If you're here to watch porn, then you're going to enjoy us too. If you like to get off while you watch porn, this is the place for you. This is a porn-blog. If you find a porn-blog here, you are probably looking for our porn-blog article and/or our porn-blog articles. Please note that all posts on our blog are stories to make me horny the opinions of the authors, not our community. It's your job to decide whether you want to read these articles, or not. I'd like to start with a beautiful hotwife quote from the Bible. It states: "We ought to consider all our brethren like children. And if one of us is a child, he is not of the world, but of God." If you've ever watched a movie, you may have seen a scene where some guy has a crush on some girl. You may also have been surprised by the "stereotypes" surrounding a relationship between two girls. However, I'm not here to talk about stereotypes. I want to talk about some of the realities of dating girls who are younger than you. And while some of these lady b pictures may not sound like a big deal, it's definitely something that you should never ignore. A few weeks ago, I posted about an adult entertainment company which uses online dating to sell porn to teenage girls. If you'd like more information about this company, please feel free to check out their website. And if you're a guy, I also wrote a post a few weeks back called What Does it Mean When a squirt queen videos Girl Says "I'm a Lesbian" to You? You'll find more information about this, and how it's wrong, in my book.

So, in the spirit of all this "what-about-sex-sex" discussion, let's talk about the reality of porn and girls. Let's talk about it, in the context of the fact that most porn stars are younger than you are, and that in almost every single porn scene, they look, sound, and act younger than the age of consent. Let's also talk about what porn is, and why it is, and where it's coming from. First off, the reality of porn is that it's the most ubiquitous thing in American culture. And if you're not familiar with it, it's a lot like the music, movies, and TV shows of your childhood. It's just that instead of being used to entertain your parents and siblings, the content you're used to is now consumed by millions of Americans every day. So, before you get all freaked out and start worrying about what people are doing in your bedroom, we should talk about how this has happened. Okay, so, let's talk about porn, as we do with every other popular medium in the West, except for the TV shows and the movies. A lot of us can't imagine where pornography comes from. So what happens is that the porn industry is basically an industry of "pornographic" films and commercials, which are produced by various corporations and studios all over the world. Most of them are owned by large corporations. You probably know them: Amazon, Viacom, Time Warner, Disney, etc. These large companies are big companies, so they produce lots of stuff, but the ones that have the biggest budgets are usually the ones with the biggest marketing departments. These are the studios that "make it for us". They make movies that are big enough to drive big box-office receipts, and are also big enough that people want to buy them in order to get the most out of it.

These companies thick load will make your favorite movie, even if it is not in your budget, because they can make tons of money by making it. It's not surprising that they produce a lot of the porn you have seen. Many porn stars start their career as a stripper. So they get all this money, and they do a lot of sex work, and eventually they get the part that they wanted, and they keep working, and they get paid very well. And then they get to this "place" where they finally have their big break. The porn star is really, really successful, because she can make a ton of money. It's a throat slut great place to be, and she is able to travel all over the world to do the things quick hand job she wants to do. And if she's lucky, it's her first movie. But she's not too sure she wants to be a porn star. It wasn't that she was a bad actor, or a bad performer, or she was afraid to do these things, or it was just that she wasn't very good at it.