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Orgasms are a thing, it's a natural thing. And to be honest, that's something that I've actually been trying to get rid of, ever since the birth of my son. When I had him, I was going around with my husband to get some orgasms from him because we just couldn't be jerk off then lick it off in that position warehouse gangbang together for long. After we had his son, I went out and started using a vibrator, and as soon as I started using it, I got all kinds of erections. Not only that, but the next morning, I could barely concentrate on getting out the door. I the gang bang club couldn't even concentrate on what I was doing with the vibrator. So, after that, I just decided I wouldn't use it and it was just not going to happen. I'd rather be able to get to orgasm with my husband. And you can tell by the way I was getting rid of it. My husband had just gotten a new vibrator. It was like my body's way of saying, "Hey, if you want it, it's going to be your choice." So I just kept it in my bedroom. Now, I never wanted a real boyfriend for a while after I sexy mama pictures became a porn star. I'm more of a real girlfriend now. I'm not going to tell you anything. That's my thing. I don't want people to be curious. I'm not in it for fame or money. I'm only into my career.

That's why I'm here. Because of my career.

I'm a pornstar. Not just a girl that is in porn. I've had my fair share of pornstar roles and movies. I've seen my share of girls in porn, and even girls that are just regular pornstars. It's true that I'm a very attractive girl. A lesbians scissor with dildo very nice looking girl. A real life pornstar. I'm just the girl who is in porn. That's all I have to say about it. I like to take the top position sometimes and teeny cunt do everything right, so you're not surprised to see me in porn. A few months ago, we were doing an online video shoot, and when she got the final take, I started screaming and crying because she messed up the shot, so I had to apologize to her. I told her it was my fault, that I'm so nervous that I'm doing it wrong. I can't even talk to her because she's like a big sister to me, and I'm always so nervous. So I can't really think, so I just keep apologizing until the end, but I feel like the video would have ended the same way if I had said something. A few months ago, she sent me a picture and a video she made of herself while she was playing with her nipples. She told me that she really wanted me to see it. I was really horny and I thought that I would be able to take it easy on her, and so I was playing with myself and I really wanted to fuck her. She was really excited about the shoot, and she said that she was going to be really good at it, so I said okay, and so I did. And so we started talking about this video. We talked about the kinds of things I wanted her to do and she was more than willing to do anything I wanted to do with her, from kissing to getting me on top and everything. I had just turned twenty-five a few weeks ago and I was still really horny, and I knew that I had not had sex since I was fifteen. She was a young woman who had been with me for about a year at that point and was just beginning her sexual exploration as an adult. I was not too interested in her. When she said she wanted to take my clothes off, I was already so wet, and I was so horny that I was actually almost getting hard in the shower. Then, as soon as I got out of the shower, we started kissing. I was not particularly turned on at the time, so I didn't really do much. She was, but I was getting turned on even more than that. And as we were having sex in the shower, I was almost cumming and it was so hot and wet. I don't even think I came that time, but I felt so close to cumming that I really wanted to. I was about to cum more than I had before, but when I reached down to grab a piece of my penis, she stopped me and said that it was too late. She wanted me to cum. I was not ready. We didn't finish. I really wanted to cum, but it felt too late. I got up off of the couch, pulled a condom from my bag, and got back into bed. I never want to feel that feeling again. I was so upset that I could have cum and now I was angry that she rimming and fingering was not ready to be able to cum as well. Posted by Lainey at 4:09 PM Lainey has a new site. She's doing some interesting stuff with the theme of women, especially bisexuals. She is currently working on a story about her time with bisexual porn star, Trish Regan. It is going to be interesting to see how this goes, as she has a lot of stories to tell about herself in her own blog, and this one is an interesting take on her experiences. It is a great read! Posted by Lainey at 5:34 PM Lainey is back on the internet. I guess she had her first orgasm since her pregnancy. She is now having her first "real" orgasm. Posted by Kiki at 7:00 PM It was a really long post, but here's a few quick thoughts.