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*A special thanks to my mom for letting me use her phone. She's always been a bit of an internet addict, so it's always been a big blessing. Also, she's the one who always made me do a porn audition when I was a kid and also got me into porn. She's so cool, and I love her, and her love for me will always be my biggest love.

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I don't own any characters from the porn-blog story. I just created the characters, wrote the story, and edited it. The story is based on the real life story of my stepmom, who I grew up with, and the characters in the story were made up entirely of my real life life memories. You can find more about this here.

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(I'm not doing this to make money from my blog, but just so you know that if you find this blog on other sites and come across it, I have not made any money from it. I'm just being creative and making a fun story about a real life person's life. I'm not going to stop doing this, but I might change the character names to remove any of the "big names" who I've never heard of before.)

I'm just a young girl that is getting turned on, looking at porn, and fantasizing. You are not alone. I hope you'll dirty school girl outfit read this and find some kind of comfort in knowing that I've found something that feels like a safe haven to masturbate to my fantasy. I hope you feel more empowered, and feel like you have options.

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I am a porn star, and I've been working since I was 18. My husband and I had a divorce the first time. It was the most horrible thing, because it made me realize how much I hated being a mom. But I was the first one to make a porn career and a lot of people have been interested in the experience.