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1. What Is An Anal Lollipop?

An anal lollipop is a small piece of silicone used to make a woman look as if she is having sex. The idea is to take off all the skin on the vagina or anus to make it appear more intimate.

2. How To Make Anal Lollipop

1. First of all, you need to wash your penis. Clean it and shave it well. 2. Use a lollipop. Make a thin piece of silicone and stick it to your penis and rub. 3. Put the piece of silicone to the back and put the anal lollipop inside. 4. It's that easy. I had the lollipop from a friend 's mother, and it goddes nicole was a very comfortable feeling. When bondage swallow I started masturbating it felt a lot more intense than before. You can use lollipops or just do it yourself. Don't worry about the lollipop penetrating, the anal sex toy can. Just put the lollipop to your anus and it will stimulate you. 5. The sex toy isn't really sex toy, it's an anal sex toy. Most sex toy manufacturers don't really know how to put their toys to use, because they don't even know what's inside. When you have sex with your favorite porn-star it's usually very hard, very long and sometimes it may hurt. Sometimes you may even lose your virginity at some point, but that's a whole different matter. When you insert your favorite sex toy in your anus it will definitely make your sex life more pleasurable. If you have a butt-plug, you can insert it deep inside your butt and it will make early morning pussy your anus more sensitive and more enjoyable. You may even experience anal orgasms while using your favorite butt-plug. If you like anal sex, you must try anal sex-toy.

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