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I was a librarian.

By the late 1970's I was a college librarian. And I was pretty hot. I was in a pretty good place and I was doing my job well. But I was getting pretty lonely and had very little to do with my friends. One evening a friend of mine (this is a pseudonym) approached me. I was on my way to my office, so I gave him a ride. We chatted for a while and pantie job I showed him my collection of pornographic pictures. He was aghast. I said, "I'm a professional photographer. I've done more research than any adult photographer in the country on the best adult websites and videos." I showed him all of the pics in my collection and explained the importance of using a filter that blocked adult content. He was horrified. "No, that's a good idea. They will be a big problem for you." He said it was a shame to have his camera out for this. "Yes they will be." I said.

"You've got a big, good camera and you can't shoot it? The filters can't do it?" "They don't work." I said, still not buying it. "Well, maybe they will when you are married and it doesn't matter. You'll be a complete fool. Now, are you going to do it?" "Yes." I said, almost out of breath. I took the camera out, turned it on and started filming. This was my chance to get to know the woman in the room. I watched her, slowly, without much enthusiasm. I did what I wanted. I liked the way she moved around the room, with her feet propped up on the edge of the bed. She walked slowly down the center of the room, the room that had so many pictures of naked women. I saw the door to her office, opened and closed, as I walked towards her. A large mirror sat at the end of the wall, but there was no one around. I walked up behind her, and pressed my lips against her, softly and slowly. She had on a tight, little white t-shirt with black jeans, and she had her hair in pigtails. I kissed her, and she smiled, which made me want to kiss her again. She pulled away from my kiss, turned around, and saw me. I could see her big boobs, and my erection poking her. I kissed her again, but she kept her mouth shut. She was so nervous, and she looked so happy. I didn't let up. I prostate stimulation videos put my hands on her ass cheeks, and squeezed. I kissed her for a long time. She let extreme grool out a happy sigh and we continued on our way.

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