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How to Cum Bags & Buckets

How to cum buckets are a great idea when you are trying to do your very best. The thing to remember here is that the whole point of porn is to cum on people's faces. If that's what you want to do, you are going aggressive blowjob to need to invest the time.

However, once you've got your cum buckets in place, it is time to get your act together and do some serious work. I don't mean work on your face, or anything like that. I mean work in your bedroom. The reason that your cum bucket needs to be in place is to keep the cum in there for as long as possible, and keep the cum out of the way as you make love.

I've done a couple of porn movies before, and I've never done it with any partner who did not know what I was talking about. When I first did it, I was scared. I did what most women do. I waited for the blowjob to happen. When it did, I was terrified because I was completely sure that the next thing my man would do would be to cum on top of me. I was so scared, I almost passed out on the bed. My husband was standing over me, and the next thing I know, he has me on the floor on my hands and knees. It felt so weird. After the orgasm was over, he was very generous. He just licked the tip of my cock clean. After that, it's only one thing in his life that he wants to do.

I would never recommend the idea to a woman. If I was to ever ask someone to try it, I'd be laughed out of the room. It feels like something you might try on your daughter. It's really not safe and doesn't look good on a man. But if you're a man and want to try it for yourself, you know what to do. What it's really about is getting hard and then ejaculating. It's not about getting laid; it's about getting off. And once you're ready to try this, it's really easy to learn how to. You'll never find a more intense and pleasurable way to cum. And it's really only going to get better from here. You're welcome!

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The cum bucket has a toy that is inserted in it.

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