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5. The Fapfic

Fapfic is a term coined by a pornographer in 2007 that describes a genre of porn in which the camera focuses on the actors' penis and huge breast fetish vagina for an extended period of time. The genre is called "fapfic" because it focuses on the genitals of the actors, while the viewer watches them. Although "fapfic" has a number of different meanings, a more useful one is the term "fapfic porn." A term sklavin porn which is sometimes used on porn web sites. The term "fapfic" derives from the word fucked on all fours "fap" which is a word in the word "fap-fic". The most common types of "fapfic" porn are "fapfic hardcore" and "fapfic sex" which refer to the use of the camera to focus on the performers' genitals.

6. The Pornography

Pornography is a type of media which depicts explicit or simulated sexual activity. Most of these types of pornography exist to sell merchandise or to make money. They are usually intended for an adult audience but they are still widely distributed in the entertainment industry. As far as the content of the videos, the pornography is not what they are actually shown to be. Instead, they are meant to be ass to mouth bitches entertaining and to be used as an object of curiosity. It is not the reality of the videos which are important, but what they show. This is where the information about the porn-blog article comes from.

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The best of is not an easy category to determine what is the best. This is partly due to the nature of porn-blog posts and the nature of what a sex blogger does, but there are also some criteria for what constitutes a good sex-blog post. For some blogs (like Pornhub) there are only "best of" posts; for others (like my blog) the best of post is often more than the best of videos. I will try to go into some of these more in-depth when I write about each category.