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When I first came across erotic liter, I had a pretty high opinion of it, which I shared with my friend, who is also an erotic blogger. He had this to say about the site: "A lot of the writers on the site are very talented. Some are very talented. And then there's a group of writers who just are not. I think that it's important that the writer on this site, whoever it is, understands that their writing is not the final word on this subject. So, they don't get to make the final say. I also think that the best writing on the site is about how they're seeing the world. The best writers are not trying to please anyone. They're trying to see the world and then they're trying to figure out, is that really what's really happening or not? It's like trying to go out in the desert and being like, yeah, I'll do that. Or, you know, I'll go see the stars. I'll nylon feet kissing do a lot of different things and I think that's what we do. We try to do the best we can with the knowledge that the best writing is coming from someone else, and the people doing the best work are usually making movies.

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