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The interview continued:

"Then he said, 'It's on the house. Come and fuck my ass.' And I was so nervous, and I thought maybe he was joking. I was very embarrassed and I was just trying not to laugh."

After being fired from the job, the woman, who requested that her name not be used, filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, alleging that she was terminated for exercising her "free speech rights" when she posted a message on Facebook about the incident. She claims that after she posted a picture of the fired bartender, "a person from the restaurant called me and told me I was fired and that they were going to fire all of massage table handjob my employees and then all of the staff would have to work the graveyard shift for a week. And he said, 'So, now you can't come to the kitchen.'"

"I never told anyone about it," the woman, who is in her early 40s, continued. "I never posted it on Facebook, and I never told anyone."

The woman says that while she was on a "hard-luck" day, she was still on a job and therefore couldn't go out and have fun.

"The guy said, 'Well, I guess you can't come back for a couple days, but we can still let you stay on for the other three days.' And I went to dinner with my daughter. And we're like, 'Mom, this is really weird, I don't really know if this is going to work.' And then I saw the manager on Facebook. It dirty pussy lips wasn't even the same person, the person that I was talking to was just gone. And it really hit me."

She says that after getting fired, she spent two weeks sleeping on the couch and eating junk food. She says she was "very lucky" to make it through the second week, as her boyfriend was still on the job.

"I was in this depression for three weeks. And then I was like, 'Oh my god, it's not going to work out.' And I was like, 'No, you can't do this to me. I don't want this. I have to live with this.' And I got out of the office. I called the HR person and said, 'You know, I really need to take a break from porn. It's killing me. I'm gonna try to do something else. I need to do something different.' And they said, 'Okay, if you're really struggling and not sure how to stop, you can email us.' So I emailed them and they sent me all these links to sites to check out. It was really weird. But it took all this pain to make a decision. I was like, 'You know what, this is great!' And I took some time off porn and I got really bad about it. And now I'm just like 'Fuck this, I don't want to do this anymore.'

You're currently working on a new solo project with a male model called 'T.J.' (see 'The Long Hot Summer'). What's next?

I'm going patrice porn to get this thing going and then I'm going to start to do it solo, which I've been thinking about doing for a long time.