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So, to summarize, it is pretty simple. Girls who want to have sex with one of their fans. This is called "cheating." You don't have to be an asshole like this guy who posted this. You can call the cops on him or call the Internet police on him. The bottom line is he got caught . I am not trying to be an evil person. It's just that I am sick and tired of seeing porn stars having to take care of other people's issues. We live in a free society, and people should have the right to do whatever they want without anyone telling them what is right or wrong. This one person's issue isn't the issue. As a member of the Internet police, I can tell you that many porn stars have not been the happiest to hear of his arrest. In the days following the arrest, the porn star's social media accounts were heavily attacked by people who were trying to tell the public what a horrible person he is, without providing anything of value to the people of this country that we all love so dearly. I don't know if it is the fact that he is an openly gay man that people find this offensive. However, I know that in this day and age, that is just oil handjob video not the case. I know that people will try to get their panties in a bunch when they read this and they will say that it is his right to say whatever he wants, and he deserves to be put in prison for doing that. However, as the Internet police, the answer is clear. If you are an adult, or a teen, or a young adult, or even an adult of any gender, you should never go on the Internet without stella star porn the explicit knowledge of a parent. That is how you prevent people from getting into things that they shouldn't be able to. It is also the simple reason why we can't have any porn. If you find this article offensive, then it is your responsibility to remove the article. I have not made a single post on this site that I did not post on my own blog.