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What the author does:

He works as a Web Developer in the Bay Area, where he lives. He is in love with porn. He's also a lover of all things squirting through pantyhose weird and wonderful. You can find more of his writing at this place, and his blog here.

What's the story?

Brianna was just starting her career, as an online writer for a web development company. One of her early projects was to make a website for a porn-blogging community, but that project quickly ran into legal issues, and Brianna left the business. One day, the woman who owned the site approached her to get her to write a post for the website. The girl was a hot MILF named Beth. Brianna had never heard of her before, but she loved Beth. So, when Beth asked if she would write an article for her blog, Brianna did. The story is that Brianna was a young blonde girl, about 22 years old, who had never been to the "real world," and was just starting out. She was living at home with her sister and her boyfriend, and was working as an intern for a popular web developer. Beth had this thing for the web, and her favorite porn sites were on there. Brianna said she had never heard of porn blogs before, so she tried her best to write blindfolded gagged about how she got into porn. It was an interesting experience, reading her blog, and watching her perform. It was amazing to see Brianna and Beth in this porn scene, and the fact that they both got off on it was amazing.

Now, the most important part of this story: Beth and Brianna were dating and they were very close. This is where the story gets really hot. On the night they met, Beth had just finished getting a tattoo. She was really proud of herself for getting lots of hairy pussy this new tattoo and had a very clear sense of pride in herself. It was at this moment that she decided to go out with Brianna. Beth's boyfriend, who was also out drinking with some friends, had been asking Beth what she was doing and Beth told him that she had gotten a tattoo and that she was going out with Brianna. He was stunned. Brianna's boyfriend told his friends that he was really shocked that he had to hear this story.

As soon as the night came to an end, Beth went to her bedroom, took out her phone, and started watching porn. She knew she wanted to have sex that night, but she didn't know how to initiate it. Beth told her friend to take the video of Beth kissing Brianna off her phone, but Beth said that she did not want to share the video with anyone and that she wanted to watch it alone. The next day, Beth took Brianna out to dinner, where Brianna told Beth that she was really nervous about the situation, and that she didn't want Beth to know. After dinner, Beth decided to take Brianna home. While at the door, she saw Brianna had left her cell phone in her bag and was wearing nothing but a white nightgown. Beth asked Brianna if she had come home with a boyfriend, but Brianna told fucking fat neighbor her that she wasn't sure if she was being honest with her. The next day, Beth went to Brianna's house and found Brianna laying in bed with her legs spread. Beth looked at her and said "Oh my god, Brianna, are you really getting off on this?" Brianna said yes, and said that she really liked how Beth was looking at her. Beth took a video of this, and then Beth sent it to her friend, Ashley, and she shared it with her on her website. After Beth shared this video on her website, there was more than a few angry comments directed at Beth. Beth took this as a personal attack on her. Beth also found it quite hilarious that Ashley took this video of her and made it public. Ashley even said that Brianna was "screaming in her face", and that she was "fucking crazy". This left Beth in a rather embarrassing situation. The first thing she did was try to take revenge on Ashley by making her look bad. She made her look like an animal. But it was too late. Beth was done. She wanted revenge.

Here are some of the other comments that came with that porn-blog post. The thing I always wonder about is why so many of these comments are negative, but this one is pretty much pure hate. She didn't even want to try to take back what she had done to me. So she just deleted all of her posts, and even went as far as posting the name how to rub your pussy of the person I had accused her of stalking. Now if she wanted to know who I was calling a "creeper", she could have done that easily. She has her reasons. She also says that she has a vendetta against people who she feels are attacking her, which is something that ultra horny I've seen in other victims. And she has no idea why anyone would be attacking her. I was really looking forward to the next episode. I didn't even think this would be the first episode in a month, though. She seems to have no problem trying to get me banned lick that pussy from the site.

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