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I went with the "free" part of the website. So for $7.99, I downloaded the whole set. I didn't get to see the full set in person because of time restraints, but I could see all of the adult content and photos I had to look at. There were so many pictures, so many different models, and so many different angles. I had a lot to do on the computers to do the pictures and get a good quality image. One of the first things I did parking lot pussy was to read through all the articles, the reviews, and the stories about the women. All of the women were attractive, but there were so many that I wanted to see more of them. After a while, I noticed that my favorites were the ones that looked the hottest. I knew I should pay attention to what they were saying, but I wasn't sure if I should go to the forums or read the news. There wasn't much to say about the porn stars, but I did see a few names, and when I saw that someone mentioned the word "blondie" I had to do it.

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