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Anal Sex with a Woman – The First Time

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I went back to the porn-blog site, and I had to look back at the videos again and remember how I had felt when I was watching that first scene, and how my eyes were still closed, and how I was still trying to process everything. I kept picturing it, like I had never been able to get away from it before. It felt like my whole being was still in that first scene. It was like that moment when you find out that you've got a new girlfriend. It's like finding out that someone you have been dating is now your girlfriend. I knew what the girl in the video was wearing and how she was acting, and it was just an afterthought that made me feel like I could never really get away from that particular scene. I wasn't able to watch the scene again because I was so immersed in it. The only thing I was able to do was stare and wait for the next video.


I'm sure many of us have experienced anal at one time or another, but anal sex is a very different experience. There's the anticipation of it being a part of a new sex scene, the pain and arousal of trying it out for the first time, and the anxiety of it not being that. It's hard to describe, because there are no words to describe it.